In its nascence, Instagram was the city of picture obsessed adolescents but since then the company has grown its base past the 500 million mark and the platform has since transformed into a vibrant visual-marketing weapon big brands cannot afford to leave out of their arsenal.

Instagram has become a finely sharpened knife and when used correctly, can slice through all the obstacles impeding your way to winning new customers and funneling more leads. In this article, I will blow the whistle on the big brands and the secrets they’d kill me to let you know.

The secrets I’m about to disclose to you guys will assist you build an interactive and engaging content that will help you stay ahead of the curve and funnel some very cool leads to your business.

  1. Frequent Content Schedule

Though a lot of grammarians know it’s very useful to maintain a constant and consistent content update schedule, only a few understand there are ways to make this concept easier and more effective.

Using an app like Buffer to arrange a content calendar for your Instagram marketing, can be the difference between quality time with friends and running helter-skelter to get your posts ready for update.

  1. Powerful #TAGS

In the world of social media, hashtags are the boss of all bosses – and this is especially the case for the Instagram world. Choosing the best hashtags can make you or break you. they have a powerful effect on the engagement your posts gets and is a huge factor whether or not your content will smell the eyes of your intended audience.

Although there are a few strategies when it comes to hashtags, my experience in the area so far has seen that the most effective hashtags are those that are directly connected to your post.

Do not be afraid to do some serious digging and discover what local companies in your industry are using. Doing this goes a long way to make sure your content is hitting the right people at the right time.

  1. Post Drafts

Another alternative to a scheduling app – for those without the funds, is the obscure feature known as the Instagram drafts. When you include a photo to the platform, write a title and tag people on it and wait. Yes. Wait.

This helps you store the post in the app, allowing to quickly pull it up and post at a more convenient time. Though not quite as effective as a scheduler, it’s still an effective way to keep your Instagram gunpowder dry until you’re ready to fire your content to your audience.

  1. Build a Seamless Feed

This is one of my favorite. Though not suitable for every business, it builds a visual feed that transforms your profile into a breathtaking gallery for visitors and potential customers. It edits your photos in such a way that it makes your feed look like one giant picture.

  1. Instagram’s Director’s Cut

Sometimes you may find a bit of dullness in the bottomless void between updated posts, and promotional contents and your visitors could be a bit bored. One of the most effective ways to cover this lull in traffic is to post “behind the scenes” content. Because people are naturally inquisitive, these sort of contents generally do well. Put up material that displays more than your service; you could showcase your brand’s work ethic or how your company relaxes in their downtime. These types of content are very engaging and trigger powerful emotional responses with your customers and followers.